The doorman (right) was in court on Wednesday. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


On Wednesday, a 37-year-old club doorman appeared in court in Palma accused of assault that resulted in a club customer being admitted to Son Espases Hospital in a very serious condition.

The Senegalese doorman was arrested earlier this week following an incident at Megapark in Arenal. There are contradictory versions as to what happened, but he was charged by the National Police for attacking a German citizen - a police officer - when some form of "conflict" arose. Friends of the German man say that the doorman threw him to the ground. He suffered a serious skull fracture that required emergency surgery.

Security personnel at the club, it is understood, maintain that they didn't do anything and that the German had been extremely drunk and had fallen over. It would appear that the area in which the incident is said to have taken place didn't have security cameras. Sources close to the case suggest that the doorman didn't show his accreditation to the German man.