The party on the beach.


On Tuesday evening, Llucmajor police put a stop to a party at Es Calonet des Fornàs, a small beach by the Paseo de Son Verí in Arenal. It was attended by around eighty Spanish students and had been organised by an end-of-course tour operator. Its flags had been put out on the beach.

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This was a sunset party for which the dress was white. The police established that alcohol was available and was being consumed. Half of those attending were under 18. All were identified and reported, as was the company.

There was a breach of regulations governing the drinking of alcohol in a public space. It is possible that the matter could be referred to the Costas Authority for the organisation of a private event on public maritime domain. (On July 1, there will be a transfer of responsibilities from the Costas to the Balearic government.)