Marga Prohens of the Partido Popular and Jorge Campos of Vox at the session for constituting parliament. | Jaume Morey


The Partido Popular and Vox have reached agreement that will allow Marga Prohens of the PP to be president of the Balearics with a minority in parliament. Vox will not be part of a coalition government but have secured agreements on what are key issues for the party, e.g. Catalan and democratic memory. Discussions concluded on Wednesday afternoon, a Vox negotiator from Madrid having taken part.

There will be a commission to monitor that agreements are being complied with. In all, there are 110 measures that are programmed for changes to current Balearic policies. With these, Vox will ensure stable government and will not lodge any amendments to budgets presented by the PP for the whole period of the administration (until 2027).

These arrangements having been finalised, the way is now clear for the investiture of Prohens as president. The investiture debate is likely to be on Tuesday next week (July 4).