Smoking on bar terraces will no longer be banned in Mallorca. | Marcelo Sastre


At Tuesday's cabinet meeting, there was approval of an end to Covid measures that are still in force. The health minister, José Miñones, said after the meeting that all regulations will be repealed "without nuance". This lifting of regulations is expected to be announced in the Official Bulletin of State either on Wednesday or Thursday. Once this is published, the regulations will cease.

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For Mallorca and the Balearics. this will mean that there will no longer be a ban on smoking on bar and restaurant terraces. This ban was at one point applied nationwide because of the pandemic. Regional governments were then given the option to maintain or scrap it. The Balearics and Valencia were the only two regions which kept the ban. As it was a Covid measure, which is now officially to be eliminated, the ban cannot be enforced anywhere in Spain.

At a national level, the cabinet's approval means that the requirement to wear face masks in pharmacies, health centres and hospitals will also be dropped. This had been expected a couple of weeks ago after the Inter-Territorial Health Council (with representatives from all regional health authorities) supported an end to the obligation to wear masks. This obligation has been generally ignored in pharmacies for some time.