Scooters take up space needed for other passengers.


Andrés Rodríguez, head of the works committee at Palma's EMT bus service, is highlighting the fact that scooters take up so much space on buses that certain other passengers are having problems getting on.

"The other day there were a dozen scooters inside a bus. When a passenger in a wheelchair tried to get on, there was a fight and he was left behind at the stop." Rodríguez explains that it is left to drivers' discretion to ask passengers with scooters to give priority to people in wheelchairs and with baby buggies. However, the hostile attitude of some scooter owners discourages drivers from enforcing this.

"We try to prioritise wheelchairs and buggies but we can have situations where there are up to 15 scooters." It is therefore the case that buses that are already full with scooters when a passenger with a buggy or in a wheelchair tries to get on. That some passengers with scooters are not willing to give up their space has resulted in fights. The EMT website says that people with scooters or bikes must keep them next to them, taking care that they do not fall or inconvenience other passengers.

All manner of stuff is taken onto buses in Palma, Mallorca

Rodríguez adds that passengers try to take all manner of stuff on to buses. "I've had passengers with butane gas cylinders and even a fridge."