Tourist arrivals from January to June were up. | Ruiz Collado


Figures released by the Balearic Institute of Statistics on Wednesday indicate that human pressure in the Balearics in May was at an all-time high. The records for May follow similar records for January to April.

In the Balearics, the maximum number of people on the islands was 1,793,952. This was 60,000 more than in 2022 and over 70,000 more than the 1,716,975 in pre-pandemic 2019.

In the specific case of Mallorca, the maximum was 1,629,775 people, almost 100,000 more than in 2022 and also an all-time high.

It remains to be seen if the annual human pressure maximum is broken this year. This currently stands at 2,071,124 (the figure for the Balearics) on August 11, 2017. Last year's maximum was 2,048,863 on August 5.

The latest figures for foreign tourism, also released on Wednesday, showed a five per cent increase in arrivals in June.