Plaça Mercat is on C. Unió. | Pilar Pellicer


The new board of the Pimeco retailers association met Mayor Jaime Martínez and other Palma town hall representatives on Wednesday. The association's president, Bernat Busquets, confirmed that the town hall is studying the reopening of C. Unió. It is not completely closed, but there has been restricted access since 2019.

Busquets said that "there is a will to do things", businesses having complained that they have lost up to half their revenue since restricted access was introduced.

A problem for the town hall, though, lies with Spain's climate change law. This includes regulations for low emission zones for municipalities with populations greater than 50,000 - Palma's population is more than eight times this.

The administration has inherited a draft for new ordinance in respect of these zones and will be asking the national ministry for transport and mobility for an extension to the deadline for approval - December 31.

In July, Martínez and officials met representatives from another retailers association, Afedeco. At that meeting, the mayor said that he would be looking at reopening both Unió and Avda. Antoni Maura.