José Antonio Navarro at the courts in Palma on Thursday. | Guillermo Esteban


At a hearing in Palma on Thursday, lawyers representing six people accused of a corruption plot that centred on the Calvia police force were unable to reach a pre-trial agreement with the prosecution. The trial is scheduled to start on October 16.

The case dates back to August 2014 and to the arrests of the former chief of the Calvia police, José Antonio Navarro, and others. He is of one two main defendants. The other is Antonio Ledesma, who was the head of the Marratxi police. Both are charged with bribery and face a prosecutor demand of six years and ten months.

The Prosecutor's Office says that Navarro and Ledesma had run a form of agency for seven years that was in charge of staff for certain nightlife businesses. Other defendants include two businesspeople who allegedly received favourable treatment. According to the Prosecutor's Office, reports regarding certain establishments were archived without express resolution. Fines were dropped or very small fines were paid. In addition, inspections were mainly directed against establishments that were competitors of these two businesspeople.

Two Calvia police officers are accused of having planted cocaine so that a sniffer dog could detect it. The aim, it is claimed, had been to intimidate the owner of the establishment. Navarro is also accused of not having investigated this when the owner in question reported the incident at a meeting at Calvia town hall.

The arrests in 2014 were the first in a series of events that led to charges of police corruption in Palma and to the Cursach case - Bartolomé Cursach, the owner of BCM.