The march on Monday evening. | Jaume Morey


Ahead of the summit of EU tourism ministers in Palma, around a thousand people took to the streets of the city on Monday in demanding "less tourism, more life".

The march left from Porta de Santa Catalina at 7.15 and ended on the Passeig Born, where a manifesto signed by a total of 77 entities was read out.

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Among the banners, there were calls for an end to tourist lets in apartments, to private jets, to tourist luxury at the expense of resident misery, to pollution and to overcrowding.

The manifesto, read by author and actress Clara Ingold, referred, among other things, to the non-existence of tourism sustainability, to housing that has become "a speculative financial product" and to tourism being "a devastating industry".

The summit of ministers will address the social sustainability of tourism.