He has been arrested on various occasions. | Última hora


In Palma's Pere Garau district, a Spanish man has been dubbed the 'ninja hairdresser'. He can be seen on the streets with katana swords, machetes, iron bar and knives. And he can be heard: "I'm possessed by the devil. I'm going to kill you all."

Residents are naturally alarmed by his continuing presence, he having been arrested by the National Police on four occasions over the last month alone. Each time he has appeared in court, he has been released.

Things started in the spring. The owner of a hairdressers, who was retiring, rented the business to him and some relatives. The rent wasn't paid, while there was an incident in May when he forced a girl inside the premises. Brandishing a knife, he confronted the police and anyone else who tried to approach him. He was eventually restrained and charged with illegal detention and causing injury.

On October 19, he was walking along C. Gabriel Llabrés with a knife and a katana, telling children that he was a Power Ranger and that he had a knife. An 18-year-old who was passing by was attacked by him and stabbed several times in the arm. He was taken to hospital and underwent surgery.

On that occasion he was arrested for attempted murder. He was subsequently arrested on two further occasions for violating a restraining order meant to keep him away from the area. A few days ago he was seen in Santa Catalina, carrying a small image of the Virgen del Pilar and telling people that he was a Guardia Civil secret agent.