On the beach in Cala Millor on Tuesday. | Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and the Natural Environment


In July, a turtle's nest with 82 eggs was discovered on the beach in Cala Millor. Some were removed to aid development and the rest were left on the beach waiting for them to hatch, guarded at all times by volunteers. On Tuesday, nineteen of the young turtles, each weighing about 70 grams (five times more than when they were born), were released into the sea.

Over the summer, five nests were recorded in the Balearics - a total of 413 eggs and 195 hatchlings.

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At the same time as the Cala Millor turtles were released, 28 more from nests in Ibiza were also released. The first nest was recorded on June 6 on Can Pere Antoni beach. This was followed by Cala Millor and three in Ibiza.

Other turtles will be in in a controlled artificial environment for up to twelve months.

The minister for agriculture, fisheries and the natural environment, Joan Simonet, said in Cala Millor that state turtle protection programmes, such as those in Mallorca and Ibiza, are very important. "These help to identify problems and know the status of turtle populations in order to implement the necessary management and conservation actions."