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Hospital emergencies in Mallorca are experiencing the first peak of the autumn. At Son Espases on Thursday morning, fifty patients were pending admission and on Friday there were 46. At Son Llàtzer, there were forty on Thursday and thirty on Friday.

This situation is attributed to the drop in temperatures and consequent related conditions, mainly respiratory. At Son Espases it has been aggravated by an increase in urgent operations.

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It is hardly an unusual situation. Peaks in emergencies occur at different times of the year. The arrival of colder weather is one of these. In the summer there are times when emergencies are overstretched because of the high floating population and the number of health workers on holiday. January typically sees another peak because of flu.

It is a cyclical situation about which little can be done unless facilities are larger. Son Espases opened in October 2010, but health professionals believe that it is already too small to cope with demand.

One cause of overload in emergencies is that patients go to hospitals when they could be treated at PAC health centres. But a problem can be that the PACs themselves are overstretched, meaning that people prefer to go straight to the hospitals.