David Peregrina with his wife Erika.


Police in Brazil investigating the shooting of Mallorcan David Peregrina and his wife Erika da Silva believe that they were executed.

The couple ran a restaurant in Porto Seguro in the Brazilian state of Bahia. Their bodies were found at dawn on Friday last week. David Peregrina Capó, 53, had been shot twice in the chest and twice in the back. The body of Erika da Silva Santos, 38, was discovered on a terrace at the restaurant; she had been shot in the head. She was naked and had seemingly been attempting to flee. There was no evidence of sexual violence and nor was there any evidence of robbery at the restaurant.

Having found no signs of robbery, the police are of the view that this was an execution. Investigators have requested bank information. They want to study transactions and they are examining phone calls that were made in the days leading up to the shootings. The police have also been interviewing neighbours to find out if they saw or heard anything strange prior to the crime.

The restaurant is by the River Buranhém and is accessible only by boat.

In 2012, David Peregrina was sentenced to three years and nine months for his part in a real-estate fraud case. He worked for the Caixa Rural de Muro and went on trial in Palma with 29 others.