A Guardia Civil sniffer dog detected packages sent by a delivery company. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


On Friday, the Guardia Civil arrested three people charged with the smuggling of almost 24 kilos of drugs - 7.7 of highly pure cocaine and 16 of hashish.

A sniffer dog detected the drugs in two packages that had been sent via a parcel delivery company. There was then a "controlled delivery". Guardia Civil officers were waiting for them to be collected.

The packages were for a building in Santa Ponsa and were delivered to a woman who has been the building's caretaker for some twenty years. The woman and her son was arrested.

Officers discovered that one of the packages was to be forwarded to another address, a place where a person travelling from Seville was due to stay. Later on Friday, a 27-year-old man from Seville was arrested when he arrived in Mallorca.

When they appeared in court on Saturday, the prosecution, drawing attention to the large amount of drugs, called for them to be remanded in custody without bail. The court agreed to this request.

As they were entering the courtroom, one of the men shouted: "I have everyone's names and phone numbers. I don't want to go to prison." The Guardia Civil are now investigating leads to others involved in the smuggling.