Oobius rudnevi


The Balearic government's Forest Health Service has confirmed the presence for the first time in the Balearics of 'Oobius rudnevi', a parasitoid wasp of the Cerambyx pig, a beetle to be found on oak trees.

This non-stinging wasp was found in July in an oak forest in Biniamar (Selva).

The discovery is said to be of great phytosanitary significance because of the population levels of the beetle and the problems it poses for Mallorca's oak forests. Oobius rudnevi is potentially beneficial in controlling the spread of the beetle.

Research is being carried out as part of a broad plan to gain greater knowledge about the fauna in forests in the Balearics. The aim is to achieve comprehensive control of forest pests and diseases on the islands.

Researchers in the Balearics have been working with counterparts in Extremadura, where the parasitoid was first detected in three forests in July 2016.