Six arrests have been made; there may be more. | Guardia Civil


The Guardia Civil have arrested six people in Barcelona for phone banking scams estimated to have involved 1.5 million euros. Sixty people in the Balearics are known to have been affected.

The technological crimes team followed up numerous reports over the past few months of scams or attempted scams using text messages impersonating banks.

The usual message was an alert that there had been unauthorised access to accounts that required immediate verification through a link to a website identical to that of banks. This was designed to gain access to people's accounts. 'Álex García' was the name of an apparent bank employee.

The Guardia have so far identified sixty victims in the Balearics, although there are known cases of other victims elsewhere in Spain. During the investigation, specialists from the team managed to block fraudulent transactions worth 200,000 euros and return the money to individuals' accounts.

The six people who have been arrested are aged between 16 and 22. The four over the age of 18 have been remanded in custody. Searches of homes led to the seizure of numerous electronic devices and a vehicle valued at 50,000 euros that had been paid for with cryptocurrency. It belongs to the person said to have been the leader of the gang.

More information about this can be obtained by contacting the Guardia Civil's press office in the Balearics on 620 271 422.