Campaign is gaining quick and massive support. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


With France due to vote either today or tomorrow on taking steps to ease or even scarp the 90 rule for Britons who own second homes in the country, a petition on the UK Government and Parliament web site has been launched to push for a referendum on rejoining the European Union.

The campaign states: "We believe this is what the people want. Give the public the chance to decide whether they want to rejoin the EU, scrap post-Brexit rules and have free movement reinstated.”

Posting the is story, some 8,610 people has signed the petition, but it is rising fast and at 10,000 signatures, government will respond to this petition and at 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament.

According to the Guardian last week, UK voters want closer relationship with EU in ‘significant’ shift since Brexit
Major study finds public see ties with Europe as more important than links with US and many ‘exhausted’ by ‘toxic’ debate

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Almost twice as many UK voters now believe a close relationship with the EU is more important for peace, prosperity and security than ties with the US, according to a major new study of post-Brexit attitudes.

The report, based on extensive polling and discussion groups with people of all Brexit persuasions, finds that attitudes towards the EU are becoming more favourable across a range of policy areas, and that the entire Brexit debate is now far less toxic and more pragmatic.

This, its authors say, will give a potential Labour government “space and permission” to work towards closer links, particularly on issues of trade, security and defence, where a clear majority of the public is now in favour.

The report by the independent thinktank British Future found that 52% of the public would now like the UK to have a closer relationship with the EU, with only 12% saying it should have a more distant one, and 27% in favour of maintaining the status quo.