The restaurant has been where it is for 40 years. | Pere Bota


Environmentalists GOB have registered a demand with the Costas Authority's delegation in the Balearics for action to be taken in respect of the El Bungalow restaurant in Ciudad Jardín (Palma). GOB want the demolition order that is hanging over the restaurant to be carried out.

The Costas have been asked for information about actions so far, and GOB have called for the restaurant's "illegal activity" be stopped so long as it remains and for its removal to be carried out in order to "ensure the integrity, adequate conservation and necessary restoration as well as to guarantee the public use of public maritime land domain".

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GOB point to a decision of July 2022. Spain's ministry for ecological transition (the Costas Authority comes under this ministry) denied the request to legalise the restaurant's occupation of public maritime land domain. Including terrace and entrance, it occupies 440 square metres.

The ministry gave the restaurant's owners six months to carry out the demolition and to restore the land. If this wasn't done (which it obviously was not), the Costas Authority was ordered to proceed with the forced execution of the demolition.

In April this year, GOB sent a letter to the ministry reminding it of its July 2022 decision.