Addresses in Palma and Marratxi were raided on Wednesday. | Última hora


On August 8, the Guardia Civil's organised crime and anti-drug squad, acting on surveillance information, intercepted a truck at the port in Palma. Packages were found to have some ten kilos of highly pure cocaine.

The truck had come from Valencia. The driver of the truck was remanded in custody. From that moment, the Guardia Civil in Mallorca, working with colleagues on the mainland, set up an operation which concluded with the seizure of more than 1,000 kilos of cocaine in Valencia and Murcia.

On Wednesday, two addresses in Mallorca were raided. One was on the Avda. Argentina in Palma, just some 300 metres from the National Police headquarters. The other was in Pont d'Inca (Marratxi).

Two Colombian nationals were arrested and charged with offences against public health (drugs trafficking) and with belonging to a criminal organisation. They are said to be linked to the massive seizure of drugs on the mainland.