The plan is for more shops and restaurants. | Teresa Ayuga


The Alcampo company has plans to expand its centre in Marratxi and add more shops and restaurants.

There are currently 21,355 square metres of commercial area and 29,555 square metres that have been built on. The maximum area for commercial centres, according to 2019 regulations for the whole of Mallorca, is 40,000 square metres. But expansion of Alcampo, which had been approved by Marratxi town hall prior to the introduction of those regulations, was blocked because it was in a "saturated mobility zone" with proximity to the Palma metropolitan area.

However, municipal regulations can prevail because they were introduced prior to 2019 and even if these are of a lower rank than island regulations. The town hall says that everything is in order with the planned expansion. It adds that it will be working with residents in the area to agree on how the project is carried out.

There are several plots that are owned by Alcampo and Ceetrus Urban Player, a company linked to Alcampo. These will be used for the expansion, with the plans including a park for use by residents on municipal land.

This will have an impact on traffic. Apart from the fact that road access will need to be modified, the Council of Mallorca's department for territory, mobility and infrastructure will have to evaluate the impact, as it may mean there are jams at certain times of the day, which was the case after the FAN Mallorca Shopping complex opened.