Manacor, one of the nine municipalities. | Guillem Mas


The annual study of the quality of drinking water by Spain's ministry of health points to nine of the 53 municipalities in Mallorca not currently having water suitable for human consumption.

The nine are Ariany, Costitx, Felanitx, Manacor, Sa Pobla, Santa Margalida, Santanyi, Sineu and Vilafranca. In the case of five of them - Ariany, Costitx, Santanyi, Sineu and Vilafranca - the unsuitability applies to the whole municipality. In the other four, only certain areas have water that is unsuitable. In Santa Margalida, for instance, the water is fine in Can Picafort but not in Santa Margalida itself.

There is a similar situation in Manacor. The water in the town is not suitable and nor is it in Cala Murada. In other areas - Cala Morlanda, Calas de Mallorca, Es Domingos, Playa Romantica, Porto Cristo and Son Macia - the water is suitable.

The water quality controls at national level measure temperature indicators, chemicals, pesticides and radioactive substances. In Mallorca, the high presence of nitrites is the main reason why the water is not fit for human consumption.

The ministry's study says: "The concentration of nitrate in groundwater and surface water is usually low, but chloramination could cause the formation of nitrites in the distribution system if the formation of chloramine is not properly controlled."

The maximum level of nitrites allowed in water for human consumption is 50 milligrams per litre. In some areas of Manacor it is 97 mg/l, a slight improvement from a year ago when it was 100.7 mg/l.