Archive image of a rural road located in the municipality of Algaida. | Archives


The Mallorca assembly of mayors and mayoresses is set to deliberate a proposal from the Algaida town hall during its upcoming meeting. The proposal urges the Consell to introduce a funding scheme for the upkeep and clearing of rural pathways.

According to the proposal's rationale, many localities face significant challenges in maintaining, conserving, and tidying these routes due to resource constraints. Algaida's Mayor, Marga Fullana, contends that neglecting maintenance often results in overgrown vegetation, which individuals may exploit to block public access points, potentially violating Mallorca's Public Roads Law.

The proposal notes a reduction of over 300,000 euros in funding allocated to public roads in 2024. Algaida aims to rally support from municipalities grappling with similar issues. Additionally, the proposal calls for the creation of specific grant programs that could provide direct financial assistance to local authorities or facilitate the acquisition or loan of specialized machinery. It also advocates for collaborative mechanisms between municipalities and consortia to streamline resources and efforts in managing rural pathways.