Photograph of a segment of Calle Sindicato. | M.A. Cañellas


Less than 500 meters away from Mayor Jaime Martínez's office lies a haven for graffiti artists, or a nightmare for home and shop owners. Calle Sindicato and its surrounding alleys epitomize how a premier tourist city can resemble a neglected area abandoned by authorities.

Palma Town Hall has pledged to tackle vandalistic graffiti, but the task is monumental, particularly in the vicinity of Calle Sindicato. This challenge persists despite the area's proximity to Sa Gerreria, a burgeoning tourist hotspot boasting numerous boutique hotels and sprawling arrays of bars and restaurants.

Although the cost of facade cleaning remains fixed at 2 euros per square meter until July 2025, this low rate does not appear to yield positive outcomes for the area. Plans have been revealed to draft a new civic ordinance, elevating graffiti from a minor infringement to a severe offense carrying penalties of up to 3,000 euros.