Officers from both the National Police and Local Police in Manacor arrested a couple on allegations of child abandonment stemming from events that occurred in the early hours of Sunday, February 11. The sequence of events unfolded when a taxi driver alerted authorities to a child wandering alone in the street, barefoot and dressed inappropriately.

Upon reaching the scene, law enforcement officers identified the child as the offspring of a couple they had interacted with hours earlier. The child disclosed that he had been left alone at home and ventured out in search of his parents. Preceding this incident, another individual contacted emergency services to report a couple engaged in a dispute at a parking lot following a car accident, mentioning the presence of a young child. However, upon investigation, officers found neither the couple nor a vehicle matching the provided descriptions.

Shortly thereafter, another report reached the police, detailing yet another couple arguing in a separate parking area with a child. Responding to the call, officers encountered a visibly agitated man at the scene whom they escorted home, where they found the woman and child unharmed. Despite attempts to calm the situation, subsequent calls concerning disturbances and altercations necessitated further police intervention at the couple's residence. Both parties acknowledged the disagreement but asserted it had not escalated beyond control.

Following the report from a concerned citizen who discovered the child on the street, law enforcement handed the child into the care of his grandparents. Authorities located and arrested the couple on suspicion of child abandonment.