Stephen Roche (second left) at a Mallorca Challenge event. | Fernando Fernández


Stephen Roche, the Irish cyclist who in 1987 became only the second to win the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and the World Road Race Championship in the same season, has been found responsible for the bankruptcy of a company he established in Mallorca in 1994.

The Provincial Court in Palma has confirmed a charge of mismanagement of Shamrock Events S.L. The original civil court hearing in April 2022 found him guilty of negligently bankrupting the company.

At that 2022 hearing, the judge stated: "Mr. Roche was perfectly conscious of its debt situation and instead of adopting measures to avoid financing the company or entering into voluntary insolvency, he continued to loot company accounts for his own private use when there was a minimum amount of income in them."

The latest judgement says that as administrator and sole partner of the company, he seriously omitted his duties as a businessperson.

In 2019, creditors - hotels and other businesses in the north of Mallorca - went to court in pursuing debts amounting to some 800,000 euros. The Provincial Court has reduced this liability by around 500,000 euros.

As well as an obligation to repay the debts, Mr. Roche has been disqualified from managing other people's assets for two years.