Trains that stop in Manacor might one day carry on to Arta. | Archive


The Balearic parliament has approved the drafting of two railway projects in Mallorca - the revived Manacor to Arta line and the extension from Sa Pobla to Alcudia.

The Partido Popular governing party agreed to proposals by opposition party Més per Mallorca but with slight amendment. The drafting of the Manacor-Arta project will therefore be once funding is guaranteed by the Spanish government. Més had not wanted any conditions attached. However, the party also proposed that Madrid should include an item for this project in this year's budgets.

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The PP insisted that everything now being proposed could have been done over the eight years of the PSOE-led coalition but was not.

Ferran Rosa for Més hoped that the government will put this commitment into practice and that it is not just "a declaration of intention". "We need more and better public transport and we need it now."

Other proposals that were approved included all-year airport bus services. The Aerotib routes currently don't operate all year, but there has been strong demand for them to be available out of season.