The current mosque is too small. | MDB


Earlier this week, it was reported that the Muslim community in Manacor was considering the purchase of plots of land for building a new mosque. One of two options is on C. Fàbrica in the centre of Manacor.

Manacor town hall is governed by a coalition of Més and AIPC-SyS (Porto Cristo and S'Illot groups). PSOE are in opposition but give the coalition backing where necessary. Where the proposed new mosque is concerned, all three say much the same thing - any building project that complies with regulations can be undertaken.

Núria Hinojosa of PSOE has had more to say: "In our country there is total freedom of worship. We understand that they are looking for a new space as it is evident that the current mosque has become too small."

The main opposition party is the Popular Party. Spokesperson Maria Antònia Sansó is critical of the mayor (Miquel Oliver). He has not applied the Balearic government's housing emergency decree, justifying this by pointing to a lack of parking. "However, he would allow a mosque, which would cause the same problem." She continues: "It is clear that in one way or another the neighbourhood would change. Explanations must be given to the residents and to the whole town."

For Vox, spokesperson Esteve Sureda says: "We are totally against the construction of any mosque. We will put up all possible obstacles so that it is not built."