The National Police have arrested a man for stealing over 600 euros from rooms at Son Espases hospital in Palma. The offender was intercepted by the hospital's security guards at around half past three in the morning on Thursday. A worker who was accompanying a woman who had just given birth alerted that the suspect had entered her room and after a while realised that 600 euros were missing from her wallet.

The victim of the robbery told health staff, who immediately alerted the hospital security guards and provided them with a description of the individual. Security workers had been following the arrested man for some time because he was walking around the corridors of Son Espases with a suspicious attitude.

The guards began a search of the hospital grounds and caught him coming out of a bathroom where he had hidden a number of recently stolen items. The security guards found that he had also robbed a recently operated patient from whom he had taken her wallet containing her documents and 20 euros.

The alleged thief confronted the hospital security guards, who had to reduce him and put him in cuffs due to the his aggressiveness. Agents of the National Police arrived at Son Espases and proceeded to arrest the thief.