The demolition of Alcudia's beach bars has just begun. | R.P.F.


Alcudia's Town Hall has finally started demolition work on the six beach bars (balnearios), the first part of a project that includes the construction of other new premises in the same location, their connection to the sewage and the reform of the accesses to the beach of Puerto Alcudia.

Alcudia's government team (PP-Vox and UxA) approved on Thursday to increase the price of sunbeds by 40 percent for this summer, to 9.10 euros, due to the fact that "they have not been updated for years and we also have to pay for the work to connect the toilets of the beach bars to the sewage system", justified the mayor, Fina Linares.

Més and Pi considered that the prices should be updated but "not just this summer when visitors will find the beaches without services and we will give a bad image".

Alcudia's Town Hall assumes that the beach bars will not be finished until mid or late summer, which means it will not be able to obtain the usual income from their operation, a figure that exceeded 800,000 euros when all the premises were operational but which in 2022 dropped to 700,000 because one of them was in such a bad state that it could not be opened. After an initial unsuccessful tender, the works have been awarded to the company Cobra for 1.9 million euros.