Big property sale.


Altamira, doValue's real estate servicer in Spain, has announced plans to launch a new campaign offering discounts of up to 50% on more than 2,000 residential and commercial properties in Spain.

Among the selection made for this campaign, the most important are commercial properties (699 units) and homes (149 units), as well as warehouses (112), offices (90), storage rooms (44) and a wide variety of parking spaces.

The average property price is just over €110,000, although the selection includes homes from €15,300, according to Altamira.

As for tertiary assets, commercial premises cost an average of €75,000, while offices are valued at around €105,000 and warehouses at €261,000.

The selection includes properties strategically distributed throughout the country, with Madrid, Valencia and Almeria being the provinces with the most properties.

On the other hand, Huelva (59 properties) has the highest concentration of commercial premises, while Seville has the most offices. There is also a wide selection of warehouses in Barcelona and garages in Madrid.