A restaurant terrace last Easter. | Miquel À. Cañellas


The president of CAEB Restaurants Association, Alfonso Robledo, says that restaurant owners are concerned by a lack of reservations in tourist areas over Easter. There are also concerns that the weather forecast is leading to hotel cancellations.

According to Robledo, tourist areas such as Cala Major and Sant Agustí are "empty". "We aren't seeing the people that we had expected."

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Perhaps they are empty, but they are only two parts of Palma, where the city centre - as Robledo acknowledges - is "always full" at Easter.

The Mallorca Hoteliers Federation says that it has no evidence of cancellations, adding that the weather in Mallorca is in fact much better than on the mainland. If anyone is going to cancel, adds the federation, it would most likely be residents of Mallorca.

Another factor is said to be the number of flights, but the reduced number compared with Easter 2023 is because airlines' summer schedules don't come into effect until the beginning of April. The tourism industry in Mallorca knows this full well (or should do), as it is the same every year regardless of when Easter falls, and also knows that it is international flights that are affected. The number of domestic flights over Easter is much the same as it was last year.