El Corte Inglés de Jaime III will open as it is within the Tourist Zone. | R.L.


With the last week of March including some public holidays such as yesterday's Maundy Thursday and today's Good Friday, many shops take advantage and close both days, others prefer to open on Thursday and some take advantage and gone on holiday until Tuesday 2 April, which is why many citizens wonder if Sunday 31 is open for business.

In this case it is not like that, this Easter Sunday will be closed like any other, except for those shops that are within the Zone of Great Tourist Affluence (ZGAT), such as El Corte Inglés de Jaime III which will open its doors from 11am, other shops such as Zara or H&M will also be open within their usual opening hours. Meanwhile, restaurants, clothes shops and the Mallorca Fashion Outlet cinemas will be open as usual. Supermarkets such as Mercadona, Eroski and Hiperfrec will remain closed as usual.

If you need to buy something you can always take advantage of Saturday 30th which will be a regular opening day like others. In the case of some bakeries and other small food shops, they are open on Sunday. If in doubt, we always advise you to call ahead to confirm. The next Sunday of commercial opening will be the 23rd of June.