Perimeter fencing is one element of illegal works. | MDB


On Tuesday, Palma town hall inspectors will have police protection when they go to Son Banya to check on illegal work that has been carried out at the shanty town.

It is some years now since the decision was taken to demolish all dwellings in Son Banya, notorious for being at the centre of the drugs trade not just in Palma but the whole of Mallorca.

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While there have been demolitions, there is evidence of shanties having been rebuilt. In addition, a form of fortification has appeared without the authorities seemingly having been able to do anything to stop this.

Excavators and other equipment were brought in to flatten land, make foundations and to install metal perimeter fencing as well as a new entrance designed to make it easier for people to purchase drugs. There are small LED spotlights at the access point as well as large wooden panels to shield the shanty town from view.

Town hall sources say: "The first thing we will do is check all the alterations made, verify that they have been carried out on public land and demolish any illegal work."