Dolphins in Palya de Palma. | Mallorca Magazine TV


On Thursday morning, a renowned German DJ, Chris Caramello, experienced a moment of awe as he glanced out from his hotel balcony in Playa de Palma. He was astonished to spot a couple of dolphins swimming in the vicinity and managed to capture the sight with his mobile phone.

"Actually, the one who saw them was my girlfriend", he explained in a telephone conversation with our German sister paper Mallorca Magazin. Once they had located them, they did not hesitate to immortalise this moment by filming them with their mobile phones. In the video, the dolphins can be seen swimming in Playa de Palma, in images in which it can also be seen that the mythical straw umbrellas are not yet fully in place.

Dolphin sightings are not uncommon in Mallorca. They can appear off the island's coasts all year round, although the summer months are usually the best time to see them due to the good weather and increased marine activity. On rare occasions, they have also been mistaken for sharks when they have seen the dorsal fin in the water from a distance, which has alarmed even the most skittish bathers.