The video was shared on Telegram.


On Friday afternoon, four teenage girls who were waiting for a bus at Parc de Ses Estacions in Palma were attacked by a group of around thirty teenagers (male and female).

They were suddenly surrounded by this group and the incident started when one of the four girls was hit in the face with a Burger King tray. They were then punched and kicked, the whole episode - which lasted some five minutes - having happened in broad daylight without anyone intervening.

One of the four managed to call her older sister, who lives not far from the Parc de Ses Estacions. When the sister and the police arrived at the scene, some of the attackers ran off. The police were able to identify others.

They had been waiting for a bus to Llucmajor, and they later provided the Guardia Civil in Llucmajor with information about one of the attackers. She lives in Arenal; the Guardia Civil were given her username on Instagram.

A video of the attack was shared with a Telegram group and on Saturday there was another video in which two of the attackers boasted: "Yesterday we beat up four bitches. They'll never set foot in Plaza España again."