Extreme violence on flight from Naples to Ibiza. | Última hora


Italian police have intervened in a fight between two aggressive female passengers on a plane bound for Ibiza from Naples. According to Italian media reports, the pilot was forced to delay the aircraft's take-off because the two women were hitting each other with extreme violence and pulling each other's hair. Despite attempts by the other passengers and crew to stop them, he had to alert the police authorities.

The argument escalated further and further before take-off and it is not known whether they were travelling together or were strangers, nor what caused the dispute. The rest of the passengers, as can be seen in the video that has gone viral, were terrified as they watched the two of them assault each other, and although some of them tried to separate them, they were unable to do so.

Crew members and police had to intervene to stop them and both were penalised by being asked to leave the plane, which eventually took off late.