There are advantages to hiring scooters and motorcycles. | Pere Bota


They have of course long been popular with tourists, but scooters and low-powered motorcycles have never been in such demand.

The president of the Aevab hire car association, Ramón Reus, says that a boom in the hire of scooters and motorcycles predated the pandemic but has been especially evident over the past two seasons.

"They can even be picked up at the airport. Some companies offer a luggage transfer service direct to hotels in order to facilitate the hire."

There are advantages - easier to park, easier to get around, less cost to the customer and less also to the hire companies in terms of maintenance.

Many of his members offer motorcycles and scooters as well as cars, and Reus stresses that the companies comply with regulations and respect the rights of customers in accordance with Aevab standards and requirements.

But there are operators who concern him. He is in favour of regulating prices, as there have been complaints. An initial price is presented, but then there are additional charges that customers hadn't been aware of. "This is something that damages the image of the sector."