Image of the Llucmajor motorway with significant traffic jams. | DGT


It started off rainy this Tuesday and the first consequence was noticeable at rush hour on the access roads to Palma, which continue to have some major traffic jams. Queues at the start of the day were also caused by some small incidents, such as two minor accidents at different points on the network. One of them took place on the Via de Cintura at around 7.10am, interrupting traffic on the left lane from the Valldemossa road exit, and the other on the Inca road at Santa Maria.

One of the main bottlenecks is on the access to Palma from the Llucmajor motorway, both by the Palacio de Congresos and also from the access branch to the Via de Cintura, where there is a long queue in the early hours of the morning.

Also slow traffic on the motorway from Inca, Manacor and from Andratx, which have registered large queues, according to information shared by the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT). The rain usually complicates the traffic situation, especially in the early hours of the morning, when the busiest journeys are made to work and schools.

The Consell de Mallorca's Department of Roads explained on Ib3 Ràdio that the rain and some minor incidents are the cause of a more complicated start to the day than usual. The most affected road continues to be the Inca road, with more kilometres of traffic jams and queues from Palma to Consell. In addition, a lorry had to stop on a hard shoulder due to oil leaks, and the lane had to be closed for an hour to clean the asphalt.

Incidents on the Llucmajor motorway have caused traffic jams and slow traffic from the Cala Blava exit to the entrance to Palma. There is also slow traffic on Palma's second ring road, and the situation is gradually returning to normal on the Via de Cintura, especially from the exit of the Son Hugo swimming pools.

According to some drivers, traffic is also slowing down at the Palacio de Congresos de Palma, where there is a large police deployment for the second day of the Conference of Presidents of the Parliaments of the European Union.

With no major traffic disruptions, the situation is expected to normalise over the next few hours.