Police and Customs on Thursday. | Miquel À. Cañellas


On Thursday, the National and Palma Police together with agents from Customs Surveillance were due to have carried out searches of three properties in Palma's La Soledad and Soledad Nord districts.

This was the court authorisation for a drugs operation that targeted Benigno Campos Maya, aka 'El Benigno', the brother of 'El Pablo' and who is in charge of the El Pablo clan while his brother is in prison.

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As the operation unfolded, it became clear that further court warrants would be necessary. The number of searches increased. This was because police discovered that there were secret passages connecting houses. These were passages for escape if there were police raids. Some individuals did just that on Thursday.

Six people were initially arrested. The number later rose to eleven.

Palma town hall urban planning personnel were subsequently called in to review illegal works. Hefty fines and demolition are certain to follow.