The Guardia Civil proceeded on Monday morning to recover the lifeless body of the man. | MDB Digital


On Monday morning, a hiker found the body of a man - a 65-year-old German - in the mountains in Estellencs, specifically on a path parallel to the Ma-10 road, known as the Serra road. Agents of the Guardia Civil went to kilometre point 97 and took charge of the investigation to identify the deceased and clarify the causes of death.

The man alerted the emergency teams and explained the circumstances in which he had found the body. The Guardia Civil inspected the body and notified the court on duty, which ordered the body to be removed. Initially, no signs of violence were detected, so everything suggests that he was suddenly unwell.

The mortal remains were taken to the Forensic Anatomical Institute, where an autopsy was scheduled to be carried out in the next few hours. The victim had personal documentation on him, so he has already been identified.

Sources from the investigation explained that the man seems to have been living in Paguera, with his family. It has not been revealed whether a report had already been filed for his disappearance or whether everything was very recent and they had not yet had time to do so.