Playa de Palma - heavy demands on the police in summer. | MDB


Palma's chief of police, Guillem Mascaró, says that arrests have increased by 175% since the change of administration at Palma town hall following last May's election. "There is more crime. The city is increasingly demanding and we have to adapt to what is asked of us."

Speaking at a press conference with the councillor for citizen security, Miquel Busquets, he emphasised the need to increase the police force. "We want to increase the number of officers at the service of citizens by 300 over the course of the current four-year term."

"We have estimated that over the next few years around 500 officers will retire, but we intend to open new recruitment procedures so that all positions are covered." A new retirement plan at the age of 59, he admitted, has complicated matters.

Since February, fifty-five new officers have joined the force, but total numbers are insufficient. "We have to put an end to a duality of functions and excessive working hours."