Video of the Friday rehearsal for the event.


According to a resident whose apartment overlooks the bullring in Palma, there was a DJ event two weeks ago at which the decibel level reached 86. The resident, Santiago, says that municipal ordinance stipulates 40 during the day and 30 at night. "Municipal and European noise regulations were not being complied with."

This event started at 4pm and finished at five minutes before midnight. Today (May 18), another event will take place. Also eight hours long, the publicity promises seven DJs. He fears more music "at full throttle". "We don't need saturation from tourism, we ourselves are quite capable of bothering each other." Santiago made a recording of the Friday rehearsal for the event.

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This is certainly not the first time that there have been complaints about music events at the bullring.

Last May, for example, a two-day German Schlagermusik festival generated a good deal of negative publicity. Palma town hall insisted that the decibel level for that did not exceed 65 decibels outside and stated that this was the limit set by municipal ordinance.

Local police had monitored the event with precision sound level meters. The town hall added that decibel measurements using apps give indicative values. The police meters measure the true level.