Officers working on the analysis of the area where the young man fell in Playa de Palma. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


The 21-year-old German tourist who died early on Monday morning at a hotel in Playa de Palma fell asleep after sitting on the railing of the second-floor balcony. The young man, who was staying at the Sol de Mallorca hostel, had spent the entire night partying after arriving on the island just a day earlier. This tragic incident mirrors another recent case, making him the second tourist to die shortly after their arrival on the island.

The investigation conducted by the National Police indicates that the fall was completely accidental. The young man leaned on the railing and lost his balance, leading to his fatal fall. The injuries sustained by the tourist are consistent with an accidental fall, supporting the initial findings of the investigation.

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The accident occurred at the back of the establishment, in a small alley where the Judicial and Scientific Police have carried out their analysis. According to the investigation, the tourist went out onto the terrace to smoke around 3am after a night of partying with three friends.

The victim's friends woke up around 8am and noticed he was missing from the room. Looking out onto the balcony, they saw his lifeless body lying on the ground and immediately alerted the reception staff. The medical teams, along with officers from the National Police and the local police, quickly responded to the two-star establishment but were unable to save his life. The young man was already deceased.

Agents from the Homicide Group of the National Police, who are leading the investigation, spoke with the young man's friends and inspected the room of the hotel where they were staying. The police discovered that the victim had placed a stool on the balcony ledge from which he had fallen. His friends told investigators that they had been drinking heavily while partying in the area. Upon returning to the hotel, the victim went out to the balcony to smoke, sat on the stool, and fell over after falling asleep, according to sources involved in the investigation.