Tourists seen in Cala Ratjada. | plozano


Last Thursday, passers-by on Calle de l'Agulla in Cala Ratjada were stunned by what they witnessed. A group of young people, all German nationals and under the influence of alcohol, were shouting and singing loudly. At one point, one of them, completely naked, climbed onto the balcony railing and began shouting at his friends. Moments earlier, he had attempted unsuccessfully to move from one room to another within the complex where he was staying.

This incident is not an isolated one. Such behaviour is quite common in this area of the island. Despite the efforts of hotel management to curb these actions, the number of inconsiderate and unruly individuals makes it a difficult task. Residents and workers in the area have frequently reported that it is becoming a trend among certain young foreign tourists to undress and engage in what they call 'nude balconing'. They record these antics on their mobile phones and share the videos through various messaging groups. Fortunately, in this instance, no accidents or injuries occurred.

The ongoing issue is a cause for concern among locals and authorities. They have been urging for stricter measures and increased supervision to prevent such reckless behaviour. However, the challenge remains due to the sheer volume of tourists and the often spontaneous nature of these actions.

Despite repeated warnings and increased awareness campaigns, this type of behaviour persists. The combination of alcohol consumption and a lack of respect for local norms seems to fuel these dangerous stunts. The authorities continue to look for effective solutions to mitigate these risks and ensure the safety and well-being of both residents and tourists.

The incident on Calle de l'Agulla highlights a recurring problem in Cala Ratjada. The irresponsible actions of a few tourists not only disrupt the peace but also pose significant safety risks. It underscores the need for ongoing efforts to address this issue and promote more respectful and responsible tourism.