Restrictions in Banyalbufar were introduced a month ago. | Archive


On Monday, Banyalbufar's mayor, Eleonor Bosch, issued an order announcing cuts to water supply to rustic areas of the municipality. On Tuesday, the mayor went one step further. The "critical situation" with water resources in Banyalbufar will mean that supply to the urban area is off from 11am to 4pm. For the foreseeable future, there will only be supply from four in the afternoon until eleven at night.

The drastic measure is due to the drought situation that the municipality is experiencing because of the lack of rainfall. The municipal reservoir is below minimum levels.

The mayor says: "We are very sorry to have to take measures like this. We are looking for solutions to be able to supply the municipality." This is the first time that this sort of measure has been taken for years.

A month ago, restrictions were introduced - maximum consumption of 75 litres per inhabitant and per tourist accommodation place per day. But these restrictions, plus a ban on filling pools and watering gardens, haven't proved to be sufficient.