The group of American location scouts, in one of the corners of the Serra that they have visited. | MDB Digital


The Mallorca Film Commission is currently co-organising a scouting session on the island, facilitating location scouting for film shoots. This event features six prominent American location scouts who have traveled to Mallorca to explore its potential for future projects.

Starting on May 19th, these six scouts, all with extensive experience in film management and major projects, embarked on a four-day tour. They visited various public and private locations around Palma, including breathtaking spots in the Serra de Tramuntana. Their route covered areas from Andratx and Calvia to Pollensa, including notable sites such as Soller, Torrent de Pareis, and the Nus de sa Corbata road. These locations, renowned for their scenic beauty, offer diverse backdrops ideal for a wide range of audiovisual projects.

The Consell de Mallorca expressed that this initiative will have a 'very positive impact on future audiovisual projects in Mallorca, due to the international prestige of the participants.' The presence of these experienced scouts underscores the island's potential as a prime filming destination, enhancing its reputation within the global film industry.

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Among the scouts is J.J. Levine, who boasts extensive experience in television, feature films, advertising, music videos, and new media. His impressive portfolio includes projects like "A Kiss at Midnight" (2008), "My Name Is Khan" (2010), "The Muppets" (2011), "Power Rangers" short film (2015), "The Mayor" (2017), and "Eternals" (2021). Another participant, Jennifer Lyne, is a seasoned location manager with credits in over thirty feature films and television programs.

The scouting team also features Julie Hannum, a location manager and producer known for her work in Los Angeles, Honolulu, and Miami. Her notable projects include "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" (2011), "Tenet" (2020), "Dune" (2021), "The White Lotus" (2021), "The Mother" (2023), and "Murder Mystery II" (2023). Additionally, Douglas Dresser, with over 20 years of experience, has contributed to iconic films like "Kill Bill: Volume I" (2003) and "The Hunger Games" (2012).

Finally, the team includes Sam Hutchins, who has worked in film production on notable projects such as "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days" (2003) and "The Fantastic Four" (2007). Hutchins has also been collaborating with renowned director David Fincher since 2016. This diverse group of professionals underscores the significance of Mallorca's landscapes in attracting high-caliber film productions.