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Four people died and more than twenty-five others were injured following a building collapse in the popular holiday resort of Playa de Palma on Thursday evening.

Eyewitnesses said that the top terrace of a popular restaurant, the Medusa Beach Club on C. Cartago, had collapsed.

Emergency services were called shortly after 8pm to the two-storey building. Initial speculation, later ruled out, was that a false ceiling had fallen in. The cause of the collapse is at present unknown. First thing on Friday, town hall technicians will assess the structure and advise whether or not adjacent buildings are safe. The National Police are in charge of the investigation, and Palma town hall will be checking on the restaurant's permits. The one hypothesis at present is that the terrace collapsed because of excess weight.

All available ambulances were called on.

The mayor of Palma, Jaime Martínez, and the deputy mayor, Javier Bonet, both went to the scene to speak with the emergency teams.

One of the people to have died is Abdoulaye Diop, who worked as a doorman in Playa de Palma and who received praise in December 2017 when he saved someone from drowning. Two tourists are also among the dead.