The Medusa Beach Club was a project from 2021. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Sections of the planning department at Palma town hall are cross-referencing information regarding the building in Playa de Palma that collapsed on Thursday.

Dating from 1972, changes have been notable in recent years; the external appearance is totally different to what it once was. Personnel at the planning department are therefore going back and checking on work carried out over the years and on the relevant licences.

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The works, activities and building inspection sections are, above all, looking to establish if work that was carried out corresponded to what was requested. They are also seeking to clarify if the roof terrace was illegal.

It has been established that some years ago there were tables and chairs on this terrace, but only a limited number and unlike when the roof collapsed on Thursday. The inspection that led to there being a warning that the roof was non-trafficable, it has now been made clear, was in 2017. Created using sandstone, it wasn't designed for heavy loads but was intended solely as waterproofing cover for the premises on the ground floor and not for public use. On Thursday evening, there were around forty people on the terrace.

The Medusa Beach Club was a project from 2021. Work was carried out then, and this included the terrace. There was further work last winter.