The taxi driver suffered a dislocated elbow among other injuries.


An off-duty taxi driver was beaten up on Friday night by a group of four individuals who claimed to be deaf and dumb and who were seeking donations from diners on terraces in Santa Ponsa.

Around 10.15, a man and a woman entered the terrace of a restaurant where the taxi driver was with his family. They were carrying an information folder explaining their circumstances. The taxi driver recognised them - not as seekers of donations but as regular criminals who pretend to be deaf and dumb as a way of stealing wallets and valuables.

He told them to leave the restaurant. If not, he would call the police. The woman, who supposedly couldn't speak, answered him. At which point he took the folder and threw it on to the street. The pair spat at him and attacked him. He was hit with a blunt object and dislocated an elbow, but he was able to grab the woman while the restaurant called the police.

Two others who had been waiting in a car then attacked him before all four left the scene.

He was taken to hospital, and the Guardia Civil have meanwhile taken charge of the investigation.