The weekend once again painted a familiar picture of heavy traffic at an iconic spot in Mallorca and its surrounding areas. Since last Thursday, the volume of vehicles on the road leading to Soller has increased significantly, resulting in long queues and traffic jams. These queues have even extended to the tunnel entrance from Bunyola, indicating the severity of the congestion.

The intense vehicle traffic is somewhat alleviated by the temporary parking along the main road as it passes through Soller. Additionally, some drivers opt for alternative routes towards Deya, Valldemossa, or Puig Major, which helps reduce the strain on the main thoroughfare. However, the majority of traffic either remains in Soller or heads to the Port, maintaining the overall congestion.

In response to the persistent traffic issues, the DGT and the Consell de Mallorca have devised an action plan. This strategy involves diverting traffic from the tunnel towards Palma to ease the congestion in the Valley, a particularly busy area during the high tourist season. This plan aims to manage the influx of visitors and mitigate the impact of heavy traffic.

Despite these efforts, the area continues to experience significant traffic jams, especially on weekends. The recent increase in tourist activity has exacerbated the situation, making traffic management a critical issue for local authorities. Sunday's congestion is a clear indication of the ongoing challenges faced in regulating the flow of vehicles in this popular tourist destination.

Overall, the situation highlights the need for effective traffic management solutions to handle the seasonal influx of tourists and ensure smoother travel for both residents and visitors. The implementation of the action plan by the DGT and the Consell de Mallorca is a step in the right direction, but continuous monitoring and adjustments may be necessary to address the evolving traffic patterns in Soller and its surrounding areas.